Selling an NFT is super easy with Zeromint and people can purchase them with whatever payment type they'd like including credit cards, ETH and GO. We want people to have options and not be limited!

How to Sell your NFT

First, find your NFT on the site and go the NFT details page.
On that page, you'll see a "Sell this NFT" button, click it
If it's already registered with your Zeromint account, just enter a price and submit!
If it's not, it will give you a crypto address to send the NFT to your Zeromint account
After that's complete, you can then just enter a price and submit!


You can find the fee schedule here.


All payouts are done in crypto so we can pay people efficiently and globally.

You can see your balances on your user account page at any time and withdraw at any time as well.

Initially, all payments will be converted to crypto on GoChain so that we can efficiently transact, split payments to all parties, etc without paying ridiculous fees.

If someone purchases your digital collectible with credit card, there will be a hold on the funds until the chargeback period is over. This can be up to 180 days (worst case). You will see the funds in your account, but they won't be released until this period is over. Conversely, the purchaser will not be able to transfer their NFT until the hold period is over either. This is to avoid the buyer from receiving the product then reporting it to their credit card company to get a refund and end up with a free NFT.
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