You can transfer your NFTs from your Zeromint wallet to the MetaMask mobile wallet by following the steps below.

This only works on Metamask mobile! The Chrome extension does not support NFTs yet.

Add GoChain to Metamask

First, add GoChain to Metamask by opening this page inside Metamask:

That will help you add the GoChain network to MetaMask with a click.

Send your token from Zeromint to MetaMask

Go to your NFT page on Zeromint then click Transfer NFT

Enter your Metamask address in the popup:

Add your NFT to Metamask

To add NFTs in Metamask, you'll need the NFT contract address and the token ID. Both can be found on the NFT page under Details:

In Metamask, click the NFTs tab, then Import NFTs link:

Enter the contract address and the token ID for your NFT:

Click Import and you're done!
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