Zeromint provides a complete REST API so you can fast track your NFT efforts and be up and running in no time.

The API provides functionality to create collection, mint NFTs, sell or auction NFTs and everything else you'll need.

The API is a simple REST API with JSON like you're probably already used to with simple requests like this:

"mint": {
"collectionID": "abc123",
"name": "My NFT",
"description": "This is my awesome NFT!",
"image": ""

Integrating NFTs into your application

If you would like to mint and sell NFTs in your own app or on your own website, the Zeromint API can help you make it happen quickly and cost effectively.

Secondary marketplace

If you mint with the Zeromint API, your NFTs can automatically be added to the Zeromint marketplace so they can be resold again and again and you can take a royalty on all secondary sales.

Accessing the API

The Zeromint API is currently in a closed beta, please contact us below to get access


Pricing will be released when the API is generally available.
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